Killing Weekend is the fashion design brand that works in a creative and conscious way to contribute to the community with a product designed and made responsibly.

The brand was founded in 2014. Alba Martínez and Xavier Martínez left their monotonous lives behind to start a trip to India. The first collection consisted solely of T-shirts. The objective of the pieces was to transmit, through photographs and printed messages, what they had experienced throughout their trip.

In 2015 the first Killing Weekend store opens in the Old Town of Manresa. The Lab, as the founders call it, It’s a center of learning and evolution. A place where Killing Weekend forms it’s own identity through trial and error. Local design, conscious productions and breaking with the norms established up to now in the fashion world are some of the benchmarks of the company.

The couple, in love with the “Barri Antic”, are committed to creating a bond that goes beyond a simple commercial link. Instigators of the origin of “L’Antic”, a movement with the desire to stimulate the social, commercial and cultural activity of the old town of Manresa.

They are committed to creating a brand concept with values ​​that goes beyond the product, where the convictions of the founders themselves are reflected in each decision they make.

In 2019 Alba and Xavier agree to be a more transparent brand. They are currently working on the “Identity” project, with the purpose of applying a QR code to each Killing Weekend piece that will inform the consumer of all it’s properties.